Dear investors, come and invest in mbale city. The only cable car city in east africa.

Posted On 23rd, Apr 2023 Share This

There is a certain class of people that Mbale misses to stay in the City. Mbale needs more tourism class of people and Mbale has the potential of this. Mbale now badly misses people who comes only to spend leisure in the city on a pay. Lobbying for cable cars flying from Mbale City to Wanale mountain will be lobbying of the century. The identify of Mbale will now change from that of Clock tower to The Cable Car City. The entire Wanale mountain Will be a tourism activity. People will build tourism hotels up there on the mountain for leisure tourists. Tourism income will increase by 50%. Mbale can manage this thing of tourism, there are hundreds of tourism sites at Mt Elgon in Bugisu only that is enough.

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Dear investor / investors this is a real deal, thank INGO live later.