Why is Mbale called Mbale?

It is named after the largest city in the district, Mbale, which also serves as the main administrative and commercial center in the sub-region.

What are the people in Mbale called?

The bagishu or the masaba people are mainly agriculturalists, and the major economic activity of Mbale is agriculture.

What is the history of the city of Mbale?

Mbale is a Municipality in Mbale District in the eastern part of Uganda. It began as a commercial centre for Arab slave traders and later attracted Indian traders who had come to East Africa to build the railway line. Eventually, Mbale became the Uganda Government's administrative centre for the Eastern Uganda region.

Which mountain is in Mbale Uganda?

Mount Eglon has many villages dotted throughout the area and is a rich agricultural area with Sipi falls as its main attraction. There are a number of Lodges in the Sipi area for stays many of which have glorious views of the surrounding countryside.

How much is Mbale from Kampala?

How far is it from Mbale to Kampala? The distance between Mbale and Kampala is 197 km.

How many counties are in Mbale?

Mbale is a district in Uganda. It has 14 subcounties, 48 parishes and 677 villages.

What language is spoken in Mbale?

The main language spoken in the district is Lugisu also known as Lumasaba.

When did Mbale become a city?

On June 26, 2006, Mbale town, located in Mbale District in the eastern region, and a number of other towns in Uganda, marked 100 years since their declaration as townships by the colonial government.